Thank you for your generosity during this time of transition and uncertainty.  Your faithfulness is a source of hope and illumination for our ministry together. 

In the coming months, we will take a pause in worship ministry giving time to retool our ministry efforts to meet a critical need in our community.  For the last three generations, the Church has seen a growing decline in the number of people professing the Christian faith.  To reach the next generation, we MUST RETHINK our way of sharing, caring, equipping and serving our neighbors.   

There is a tremendous opportunity in our community.  The largest segment of the population in our immediate area is single adults under the age of 35.  Many have come to this community for school or as a place to launch into adulthood.  Many have significant education debt and are having trouble finding work in their chosen profession.  Even those who are beginning careers are at entry level pay and finding it difficult to make ends meet.  To further complicate their lives, most have left home finding themselves in our backyard with no nearby family, or long-term friendship.

What would it be like for the church to intentionally structure itself to meet these young adults in their places of need?  How could we surround them as a loving family while they begin navigating the difficult waters of adulthood?  In their desert of loneliness, what if we could be an oasis of friendship and Christian love that can transform their lives to find faith, bear fruit and change the world!?

We will be tackling these questions and challenges to vision a new way of being the church that will reach the next generation for Jesus and the transformation of the world.  I am inviting you to partner with Aloma United Methodist Church in its next steps with your financial support.   

Use the on-line form to complete indicating your financial and prayer support for the coming year, June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020.  Every gift will be vital to fulfilling the mission of the church and meeting the needs of young persons and others as we reimagine the body of Christ in today’s culture.  We will hold true to the United Methodist faith and its reliance of scripture as our guides through this new and exciting adventure.   

On April 28, we will announce the restart pastor who will lead our adaptation of ministry.  Our new pastor will lead a weekly bible study for Aloma members to learn and grow in their understanding of the church and how it can be effective in our unique context.  They will also gather groups, engage with our neighbors to build relationships and discern the next form of the Aloma worshipping community.  I hope you will give our new pastor your full cooperation and support.

Please prayerful discern your participation in this vital mission.  Together we can reverse the trend of Christian decline and see a revival of faith in Jesus for generations to come.  Let’s adventure together!

In Christ,
Rev. John K. Legg